Hydroponic Sound System Presents

Latin Funk for the Boogie Spot
ATR2005 | 12" Vinyl EP
Price - $7.99

Serious funk to the folks ya'll! Brownout is a Latin funk outfit from Austin that keeps the dance floors thick with tight grooves and great brass arrangements. The EP includes their version of Manu Dibango's "African Battle" and an original groover - "El Narco." Hydro provides sure shot club edits of both tunes on the flip. Since this EP is now sold out, be sure to visit our online digital download partners to pick up this release.

Side 1:

  1. Brownout - "El Narco"
  2. Brownout - "African Battle"

Side 2:

  1. Hydroponic Sound System - "El Narco"
    (Hydro's South Texas Broken Neck Edit)
  2. Hydroponic Sound System - "African Battle" (Hydro's Throwed Ass Boom Bap Edit)

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