Hydroponic Sound System presents
Southern Borders Soul Music

ATR2004 | 12" Vinyl EP
Price - $7.99

First vinyl piece in a series much like Central Standards, but geared more towards vocal oriented and uptempo joints.  The Strange Fruit Project, Headkrack & The ARE, Bavu Blakes, NickNack, and Hydro all check in with strong material.  We've gotten great feedback on this one and we plan on a full-length CD happenin' too.

Side 1:

  1. Strange Fruit Project - "Ride Out"
  2. Headkrack & The ARE - "Grizzly"
  3. Bavu Blakes - "bah-voo" (Hydro's Funky Texas Jonze Remix)

Side 2:

  1. NickNack - No Spectators
  2. Hydroponic Sound System - Percy Keeps His Disco Dubby

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