Hydro Soundclash EP
ATR2003 | 12" Vinyl EP
Price - $6.99

Wall to wall single action with the bangest joints from grids/loops/intersections.  Vocalists include Blave Blakes, Chucky Sly, Grand Supreem, Headkrack & Azeem.  Rehash chimes in with their dusted dub take on "Static" and there's plenty of bonus beats so real plate spinners best to get two copies for max floor action.

Side 1:

  1. Hydro Soundclash (radio edit)
  2. Play The Role (bzzz mix)
  3. Hydro Soundclash (instrumental)

Side 2:

  1. Static (radio edit)
  2. Static (rehash sticky delay version)
  3. Static (hydro bonus beats)
  4. Static (rehash bonus beats)
  5. Play The Role (bonus bzzz)

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