Hydroponic Sound System

ATCD1002 | Compact Disc
Price - $11.99

The full length follow up CD to Routine Insanity includes vocal performances by Bavu Blakes, Headkrack, Azeem and the usual cast of characters. Soak in the Afro/soul/dub/dancefloor/ambient jelly.  You know the rules.  16 cuts with a few more hidden gems.

  1. End of The Begining
  2. Play The Role (Bzzz mix)
  3. Bavu Speaks on Cameroon
  4. Hydro soundclash
  5. Static
  6. This Just In
  7. Funky Disco Go Fed
  8. Open Mic @ The Soular Roller Rink
  9. Lost And Found
  10. Disconnected
  11. Delirium
  12. Live From The Barbershop
  13. Shu Bop Shu Bop
  14. Lagos, Michigan ('72)
  15. Family Man
  16. Unification Sounds

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